Chest of Hope

Chest of Hope: Black Arts Movement Conference Fiscal Sponsor

smallchestofhopeChest of Hope is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence and building a community free of abuse. Bringing awareness to this and other topics linked to domestic violence, such as human sex trafficking, are addressed to shine the light on the disturbance, and publicly declare that we are taking the steps to keep our homes and communities safe through direct action and critical dialogue and the myriad of services Chest of Hope provides.

Although domestic and sexual violence occurs in all socioeconomic classes, Domestic and intimate partner violence (DV/IPV) is an even bigger problem in our Black communities. African American females experience intimate partner violence at a rate 35% higher than that of white females, and about 2.5 times the rate of women of other races.

Black women who are battered have more physical ailments, mental health issues, are less likely to practice safe sex, and are more likely to abuse substances during pregnancy than black women without a history of abuse. Battered women are at greater risk for attempting suicide particularly if they were physically abused as a child, for being depressed and to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).

DONATE TO BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT – 10% goes to Chest of Hope.
Chest of Hope is currently seeking funding to open a wellness center for women of abuse. Services will include mental and physical therapy, spa treatment, all in a holistic environment, a closet that offers clothing to help in dressing for jobs, and more. It will be a place that provides services to allow battered women to become whole again.